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About the Designer

-The commitment with the love of creativity, with people, music, dance, drama, live, collaboration.-

"Hide" commits to sound design/engineering/music creation mainly for theatrical performing arts. Seeking his career as a sound designer, he moved back to NYC after completed three seasons as a staff engineer at the Alliance Theatre (Recipient of the 2007 Regional Theatre Tony Award) in Atlanta, GA. Fell in love with Broadway musical theatres, he had made this lifetime decision to come from Tokyo, Japan, to commit to theatrical productions in the international city of New York.

He observes musical theatres as "an ultimate art-form" involving all of the artistic fields, where dancers, actors, musicians, designers and technical crews work together to provide our audience with a world of fantasy and dream. In addition to the love of musicals theatres, he has a passion to provide straight plays with his unique approach of "artistic sound design", sound sequences and musical contents.

My approach towards the sound design as a career is pursued to cover those 3 necessary elements when I design projects conprehensively following:


Conceptual Sound Sound design for plays, with artistic side of creative mind
Technical Sound Design

Sound design for musicals -more management, technical knowledge and skills based on solid experiences

Music Compositions My tools of story-telling through my true life experience


As you see "Music Compositions" in his comprehensive approach into his design goal, this keeps him busy with the study of orchestration through the research of classical music, like symphonies and operas, pursuing for the opportunities of music compositions for given themes or inspirations. These compositions are recorded one track at a time on the keyboard, with Logic, Mac PC, and virtual instruments and mixed in the final process. Some of demonstrative original pieces are sampled below;


christmas flytotheburieddiscovery
Best Wishes for Christmas Fly to the Buried Discovery
This piece was composed based on my fantasy world. This music carries one of other stories around Santa Clause on the night of a Christmas day. Music flows- helps the story to move on with dynamic and gives dramatic back ground. In that way, music significantly contributes to story-telling. Please go to the link to see the movie file version of this music, where you'll find what I saw in my world when I was writing this piece. "Fly to the Buried Discovery" is composed based on an inspiration while working on the project about the illegal immigration issue over the U.S.-Mexico boarder. This clip was created to cast messages for viewers to think about the issue from humane perspective. This music was chosen for the USITT exhibition of 2011 Prague Quadrennial, June 2011.

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He completed MFA program in Sound Design at school of drama, Carnegie Mellon University, with Norman Apell Award, and West Coast Drama Alumni Clan Achievement Award. Also, he received the Robert Cohen Sound Design Achievement Award of USITT Young Designers and Technician for the Performing Arts 2012.

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