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While my primary design activity is a system design and artistic contents design for musical theatre applications and plays, I enjoy composing music as well. I enjoy creative and collaboration process with artists and eargerly join various artistic projects. I am exploring any rising opportunities to create music scores for live or media needs. Please go to "ABOUT" for a bit more of my background. I am pleased if you would take your time to listen to some of my original compostions below. With my fluencly in Japanese, I keep wishing to support and promote cultural exchanges, making the most of my unique professional experience in business and academic realms.






Music Compositions

Music composition is one of my tools for story-telling. Music is always flowing in my head as if every moment of my life is objectly seen in a motion picture. Life is a drama. Ideas for my music composition come through as "ripples" in my emotional wave, whenever stimulations strike me thourgh my life experience. The demos below are composed with virtual instruments.

Please visit my Sound Cloud Site for the complete set of my compositions. 

Original Symphonic Suite for "The Winter's Tale" by William Shakespeare

For a list of all 28 tracks for "The Winter's Tale", please go to Winter's Tale Project. 

M#15 "Time Matured -16 years" for Act4 Scene1

"The previous transitional music cross-fades to this underscoring music. The sound of nature, such as the waves of the ocean and stormy weather from the last scene, and the songs of birds in the next scene tell of the passage of time from the first half to the last half of the story, naturally introducing the peachful Sheep-shearing festivities in Scene IV. The distorted tempo of the familiar melody of the main theme is slightly layered under to suggest the manipulation of time by the power of the narrator, TIME".

M#27 "Before Eternity" for Act5 Scene3

"PAULINA draws a curtain to show the statue of HERMIONE to LEONTES, POLIXENES, PERDITA and others. It appears that there's a sad look on HERMIONE's face. With a sound effect, this music underscores the sequence after the beautiful statue of HERMIONE is revealed. A soft/silky texture is given to the music with a touch of chorus as a basic tone, as if the statue of HERMIONE were veiled with a maternal aura of mystery. The scattered glockenspiel represents the imaginry shiny sparks being given off from her aura."

M#28 "Awake, The Kingdom!" for Act5 Scene3

"PULINA calls for the music to move HERMIONE. This music underscores the whole sequence towards the end of the play. Through this sequence, each of the successively changing tunes is assigned accordingly for PAULINA, to support the strength inside her, to depict the weakness and regret for LEONTES's lines. Also quieter and ethereal phrases are reserved for the magical scene, where Hermione slowly walks down and she speaks to the crowd. The music carries the story to the ending as if the music is seeing the people, the bonds of whom now are restored, off to the bright future of the Kingdom."

For a list of other tracks for "The Winter's Tale", please go to Winter's Tale Project.