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Currently playing "Rondo-Rhythm for Your Dream" from 2nd Album Journey

About the designer

Hidenori J. Nakajo, "Hide" commits to sound design/engineering/music creation mainly for theatrical performing arts. He is enjoying his 3rd season as a staff engineer at the Alliance Theatre (Recipient of the 2007 Regional Theatre Tony Award) in Atlanta, GA. He has acted as a sound designer for theatres in NYC, an assistant to designers and an engineer for productions at On/Off broadway theatres, and other verious venues in NYC, based in which he seeks a professional career as a sound designer worldwide.

He was completely impressed with musical theatres he saw on Broadway, which struck him to make this life-time decision to commit to musical theatres in the international city of New York. He observes musical theatres as "an ultimate art-form" involving all of the artistic fields, where dancers, actors, musicians, designers and technical crews work together to provide their audience with a world of fantasy and dream.

As he enjoys creative and collaboration process with artists, he eargerly joins various artistic projects for international exhbitions and also explores to create music scores for any rising opportunities. With his fluencly in Japanese ( originally from Japan), he wishes to support and promote cultural exchanges in the international level, making the most of his unique professional experiences in the business and academic realms.

He holds an MFA in Sound Design from the School of Drama, Carnegie Mellon Universiy, where he was the first graduate of the program. He received Norman Apell Award, being acknowledged "his contribution to the life of the school" and West Coast Drama Alumni Clan Achievement Award upon his graduation in 2010. He recently received the Robert Cohen Sound Design Achievement Award of USITT Young Designers and Technician for the Performing Arts 2012. USITT Sightlines

"Fly to the Buried Discovery" is composed based on an inspiration while working on the project about the illegal immigration issue over the U.S.-Mexico boarder. This clip was created to cast messages for viewers to think about the issue with human side. This was included in the USITT exhibition of 2011 Prague Quadrennial, June 2011. Please go to CONCEPTUAL SOUND page for the detail of this project.

Working Philosophy

-What is my design work based on?

My philosophy for my creative work to be "Feel the surroundings, listen to people and think from the viewpoint of others." While this is an essential part in our regular life as well, this philosophy is the ground where my imagination grows and develops the capacity of possibility. As a designer, my career goal is to be an artist, musician and technician- and most importantly, to have a base as a human who excels in communication with people. The attitude to understand people around me, what they think and where I am in the particular situation is the first step of communication, which significantly contributes to my design work and leads me to my career goal.

Although I made two categories on this website for my work samples into Conceptual Sound Design; mostly for sound design for straight play, and Technical Sound Design; for mostly sound system design for musicals, I believe the two aspects of sound design should not be separated; that is, as a sound designer, I should excel in both design fields. Therefore, I have been working to become the ideal professon in the fields of conceptural sound design, technical sound system design, and music composition.

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